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Hello happy campers!!!!!! [Apr. 7th, 2009|01:18 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Update from Savannah Ga.  I've been living happy as hell in Savannah for the past Year and 9 months or so.... I dont miss the snow of Wisconsin at all.  I'm working as a bartender at one of our local strip clubs.... It is a lot of fun most of the time....(little bit of a love/ hate type thing) I love to hate it sometimes ha ha... No but really I am very happy to have made the move and it really is everything I had hoped for...Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have been in love with this city long before I moved here...(I am still very much in love with her) from the beach to all parks she is my long lost love and I feel at rest here....(Like a part of me has always been here.)   I miss my parents and Angela A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! but besides that everything is sweet tits.... I plan on updating my journal more now.... so check me out for more fun updates from Savannah!  I'm old school...Fuck face book and myspace....Live journal all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!